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Final Rule: Compliance Programs of Investment Companies and Investment Advisers

In the Proposing Release, we requested that commenters consider four additional approaches that we might take to require the private sector to assume greater responsibility for compliance with the federal securities laws. These possible approaches included: (i) a requirement that funds and advisers undergo third-party compliance reviews; (ii) an expansion of the role of independent public accountants to include the performance of certain compliance reviews; (iii) the formation of one or more self-regulatory organizations for advisers or funds; and (iv) the requirement that certain advisers obtain fidelity bonds from reputable insurance companies.

We appreciate the many comments we received. Although we are not moving forward with any of these approaches at this time, we continue to regard them as viable options should the measures we are taking today fail to adequately strengthen the compliance programs of funds and advisers. In particular, we may reconsider whether to propose rules requiring funds and advisers to obtain compliance reviews from third-party compliance experts. Such compliance audits could be a useful supplement to our examination program and would assure the frequent examination of advisers and funds.

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