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Letter to Ohio Public Officials about deprivation of Minorities Civil Rights

My name is Robert Crowder JR. I am a DC and Ohio attorney. I have been appointed Trustee/Attorney/conservator over property Located at 116 Indianola ave Dayton, Ohio 45405. I am to be afforded all powers and duties in accordance with

Section 5808.16 | Specific powers of trustee of the Ohio Revised Code/Title 58 Trusts/Chapter 5808 Trust Administration. I have been notified of the actions of Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. I have an Objection in to fraudulent eviction order (“Using Sham Legal Process) to take away an “Inalienable Right” which is Article 1 Section 1 of Ohio Constitution which states the following: “All men are, by nature, free and independent, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and seeking and obtaining happiness and safety.” This right was reaffirmed for business and commerce with article II section 28 which states “The General Assembly shall have no power to pass retroactive laws, or laws impairing the obligation of contracts; but may, by general laws, authorize courts to carry into effect, upon such terms as shall be just and equitable, the manifest intention of parties, and officers, by curing omissions, defects, and errors, in ... The Eviction Order clearly has defect it was issued when I have Prima Facie evidence (Tax Sale receipt, pictures and Improvement receipts) in accordance with 5303.08 and 5303.09 of the Ohio Revised Code from the State Treasurer’s Office. I also have a pending Objection to the order, Federal Protection Order, Civil Common Pleas Filing, Probate Filing, United State Tax Court Whistleblower claim, and an Assistant US Attorney General that has me refering Matt Heck Jr and his delegates to their office. The Ohio Attorney General Office released an Opinion 4/1/2021 stating that violations of the Ohio Constitution does not qualify for qualified immunity protections. Why would the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, Montgomery County Magistrate Court, and Montgomery County Sheriff Office be making a gesture as if to defy Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Filings, Montgomery County Probate Filings, United State Tax Court Filings, pending objections to eviction order in Montgomery County Magistrate Court (appeal), and to interfer with a matter that has been requested to be referred to the United States Southern District Assistant Attorney General? Is this conduct allowed or tolerated because I am Black? Do I not have a right to article 1 section 1? If so, why am I not allowed to acquire and defend the claim against my property I acquired in accordance with the law? Am I being retaliated against because of the whistleblower claim? Are they doing this to interfere with my right to access the courts? Why am I being prevented from executing contracts? Is it not retaliatory in nature to send the person that has no objection from the Chief Counsel of IRS (representing the United States Government) to be deposed in a pending Tax evasion/ Tax Defeat scheme? Is the intent to embarrass or harass me? I have two million dollars in Lawyer Professional Liability and Keyman Policy Coverage for the Negotiation this will be include in the inventory of the Special Needs Trust for the conservatorship of any properties in question. Are they interfering with my fiduciary duties to deny me access and participation in real estate market?

Please Advise

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