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Real Estate and kickback scheme in Dayton Ohio against black and low income

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to express grave concerns regarding the legal proceedings involving my clients, Robert Crowder Jr and Dorrick Conner, who currently face criminal charges in connection with the lawful purchase of a property from the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office.

Following the acquisition, our clients found it necessary to initiate civil proceedings to perfect the title, driven by a reluctance to voluntarily drop the suit due to troubling indications of what appears to be a real estate kickback scheme. This scheme, as alleged by our clients, involves the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office, Mayor Mom, Montgomery County Treasurer's Office, and Shelley Dickstine. Their concern is that these entities are orchestrating activities against low-income, minority, and/or black communities.

It is our clients' contention that public officials are capitalizing on the issuance of demolition contracts and engaging in unlawful foreclosure forbearance, potentially for financial gain. This situation raises serious ethical and legal questions, with implications that extend beyond the individual case to the broader economic and social fabric of our community.

In addressing this matter, it is crucial to consider the potential consequences of such practices on public trust, community well-being, and economic stability. A thorough investigation into these allegations is imperative to ensure fairness and justice, not only for our clients but for the integrity of the real estate system and the communities it serves.

We implore you to carefully examine the pros and cons of operating in a manner that seemingly perpetuates disparities and raises doubts about the ethical conduct of public officials. Our hope is that through this process, transparency, accountability, and justice can be restored, fostering a community where everyone can trust in the fairness of legal and economic systems.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you require any additional information or clarification on this matter.


Robert Crowder Jr


The 1st Practice Law Firm

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