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Representing You

At The Practice I know what I do best. The Practice can offer you some of the best legal advice and counsel when it comes to Estate Planning, Tax Planning, and Immigration Services. I know that every case is unique and different, and will apply my in-depth, specialist knowledge to meet your exact needs. Simply put, protecting your rights is what I do best.

Estate Planning:

Estate planning is the area of ​​law concerned with the protection and planned disposal of property and interests prior to death or disability. For example, a probate attorney can help draft a will. She sets up trusts. And make sure your medical and end-of-life wishes are taken into account. Basics of Living Will. Estate planning is the preparation of tasks for managing a person's estate in the event of disability or death. The plan includes the transfer of assets to heirs and settlement of inheritance tax. Most probate plans are drawn up with the help of an attorney familiar with probate law.


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Tax Planning

A tax plan is an analysis of your financial situation or a plan to ensure that all factors work together to help you pay the lowest possible tax. Tax planning considerations include timing of income, size, timing of purchases, and spending plans. A tax planning strategy can include contributions to his IRA savings and tax revenues and losses after retirement.


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Immigration Services

Immigration attorneys specialize in interpreting U.S. immigration law, which can change with each presidency, and guide immigration clients through the complex and ever-evolving immigration process. The majority of an immigration attorney's time is spent assisting those experiencing difficulties related to immigration compliance. They also represent clients at deportation hearings. Many immigrants choose to invest in immigration lawyers. Because even a simple, honest mistake in applying for a visa or green card can lead to delays that have been known to last for years. Errors can also result in applicants being rejected or deported. As such, immigration attorneys typically act as attorneys or advisors to clients who need to interact with US immigration authorities.

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