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The 1st Practice Law firm is more than just a lawyer. We are champions of competence, fact-finding, and pioneering. Our team of legal experts are dedicated to providing exceptional service and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest legal developments and using our knowledge and expertise to help our clients navigate complex legal issues. With a focus on competence, fact-finding, and pioneering, our law firm is here to help you achieve your goals.

The 1st Practice Law Firm - Policies and Procedures

Forming an Attorney-Client Relationship:

- Attorneys shall clearly communicate the terms and conditions of representation to potential clients.

- The attorney-client relationship is formed upon mutual agreement, with clear disclosure of responsibilities and expectations.



- Regular and effective communication between attorneys and clients is encouraged.

- Attorneys should use secure and confidential channels for sensitive information.


Service of Documents:

- Documents shall be served in accordance with legal requirements.

- Confirmation of document receipt by the client should be documented.


Information Security:

- Strict confidentiality measures must be adhered to in handling client information.

- Regular security audits and updates to protect against data breaches.


Sliding Scale for Low-Income:

- The firm shall implement a sliding scale fee structure to accommodate clients with limited financial means.

- Clear guidelines on eligibility and fee adjustments should be established.


Document and Object Retention:

- Retention policies for client documents and objects should be established.

- Compliance with legal requirements for document retention and disposal.


Applicable Professional Rules:

- Attorneys must adhere to all relevant professional rules and ethical standards.

- Regular training to ensure awareness of updates in professional regulations.


Honesty Toward Courts and Government:

- Attorneys shall maintain the highest level of honesty and transparency in all interactions with courts and government authorities.

- Full disclosure of relevant information to avoid any misrepresentation.


Relationship of Attorney and Client:

- A clear understanding of roles and responsibilities between attorney and client.

- Regular check-ins to ensure client satisfaction and alignment with legal strategies.


Current Personal Information:

- Clients are responsible for providing up-to-date personal information.

- Attorneys shall update client records promptly to reflect any changes.


Contact with Opposing Party, Opposing Counsel, or Others:

- Professional and respectful communication with opposing parties and counsel.

- All communication should align with ethical standards and legal requirements.


Lawyers Professional Creed:

- Adherence to the Lawyers Professional Creed, emphasizing integrity, competence, and commitment to justice.

- Continuous reflection and improvement based on the principles outlined in the creed.


These policies and procedures are designed to uphold the highest standards of legal practice and ensure the well-being of both clients and the firm.

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