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Attorney Robert Crowder Jr Bio

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Dayton, Ohio native Robert Crowder Jr embarked on a tech journey at an early age, entering his first computer camp at 9. By 14, he initiated his associates degree in Computer Information Systems at Sinclair Community College, setting the stage for an extraordinary academic and entrepreneurial trajectory.

In 2011, Robert founded Redworc Technologies, a thriving Managed Service Provider company. Expanding his endeavors, he established a law firm and trust in 2015. A pivotal moment in his legal journey came when he defended himself, refusing to be coerced into becoming a confidential informant.

This experience fueled Robert's commitment to justice, leading him to contribute to around 130 criminal defense cases, spanning real estate and tax law. Additionally, he played a key role in overseeing the underwriting process of his company's debt securities.

As a Rule 49 (c) DC bar attorney, Robert aims to broaden his legal footprint through reciprocity, targeting Ohio, Georgia, and Florida. His practice will be centered on immigration law, specializing in EB Visas.

At the core of Robert's success is his unwavering passion for learning, encapsulated in his motto, "knowledge over everything." This commitment has garnered recognition, with nominations at the Internet 2.0 conference in Las Vegas and the Entrepreneur Award and Conference in New York.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Robert is an active member of the American Bar Association, serving as a point of contact for the Civil Rights Section and contributing to the American Bar Association Division and Inclusion Public Speakers and Author's Directory. Additionally, his diverse skill set includes holding an EPA Class III Wastewater and Water Operator certification. Recently, he joined the American Immigration Lawyers Association, furthering his dedication to immigration law.

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