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The Intersection of Law and Technology: Attorney Robert Crowder Jr's Role


"The 1st Practice," a distinguished law firm, has taken a proactive stance in addressing civil rights issues by designating Attorney Robert Crowder Jr as a point of contact for Redworc Technologies. This article explores the noteworthy collaboration, with a focus on the American Bar Association's registration that solidifies Crowder's pivotal role in bridging the gap between law and technology.

"The 1st Practice" and Redworc Technologies Partnership:

"The 1st Practice" has established itself as a legal powerhouse, and its collaboration with Redworc Technologies signifies a strategic alliance in navigating legal intricacies within the tech sector. Attorney Robert Crowder Jr, with his expertise in civil rights, has emerged as a key figure facilitating this partnership.

Robert Crowder Jr: A Verified Point of Contact:

What sets this collaboration apart is the verification through the American Bar Association's registration, confirming Robert Crowder Jr's official status as the point of contact for Redworc Technologies in matters related to civil rights. This not only highlights the legitimacy of the collaboration but also underscores the importance of legal oversight in the tech industry.

American Bar Association's Recognition:

The American Bar Association, a venerable institution in the legal realm, plays a crucial role in validating legal professionals and their designated responsibilities. By officially recognizing Robert Crowder Jr as the point of contact for Redworc Technologies concerning civil rights, the association adds a layer of accountability and transparency to this unique collaboration.

Navigating Civil Rights in the Tech Landscape:

As technology continues to advance, the legal landscape adapts to address the challenges posed by innovation. Robert Crowder Jr's role as a point of contact for Redworc Technologies showcases the legal community's commitment to ensuring civil rights are protected in the ever-evolving tech environment.


"The 1st Practice," in collaboration with Redworc Technologies, has strategically positioned Attorney Robert Crowder Jr as a verified point of contact for civil rights matters, as officially recognized by the American Bar Association. This collaboration not only demonstrates the firm's commitment to addressing legal challenges in the tech sector but also exemplifies the crucial role played by legal professionals in safeguarding civil rights in the digital age.

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