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Why would You need an Immigration Lawyer

There are many compelling reasons to hire an immigration attorney to help with your immigration needs. My immigration practice of 5 years continues to highlight the firm: The process can literally be life-changing and affect families for generations.

Are husbands, wives and children living separately or together?

Can you secure unique opportunities for training and employment? do I have to walk away?

Do your personal goals depend on living in the United States to be achieved?

Easy to make mistakes

It is widely known that the US immigration system is very complex. The Tennessee Attorney General's Office determined it was the second most complex after federal tax law. change in law. Major changes to immigration laws take place almost every year.

Frequent procedure changes. The Immigration Services Agency is constantly reviewing its own procedures, which are reflected in new forms, new fees, new submission instructions, and more.

The government itself cannot keep up with the changes. B. Providing forms with outdated instructions or providing inaccurate or incomplete legal advice from an immigration officer.

form containing confusing questions and requesting legal conclusions

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